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We Offer Memberships

Take charge of your health and wellness on a more consistent basis by budgeting your time and money mindfully. Reoccurring monthly sessions will play a massive part in how healthy you'll be and how rejuvenated you'll remain.

Eyes Closed

Level One V.I.P

Our Level One membership includes 1x

of the following sessions per month

  • 60 min Fitness Services

  • 60 min Simply Relaxation

  • 60 min Deep Isn't the Issue

  • 60 min Reflexology Services

  • 60 min Signature Focus & Relax Flow

Level One Members also receive 20%

off additional bodywork session.

Eyes Closed

Level Two V.I.P

Our Level Two membership includes 2x

of the following sessions per month

  • 90 min Fitness Services

  • 90 min Simply Relaxation

  • 90 min Deep Isn't The Issue

  • 90 min Reflexology Services

  • 90 min Signature Focus & Relax Flow

Level Two Members also receive 40%

off additional bodywork session.

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