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May 7-8

Woman of Grace

The Woman of Grace is the first annual gathering for beautiful women to receive an abundance of self-care, pampering, and wholesome nourishment for the mind, body, and soul.

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Luxe & Flow

Luxe and Flow is a unique experience and celebration of self-love, worthiness, and freedom. 

During Luxe and Flow, each participant will experience the magic of Tied and Truth--a luxury waist bead adornment ceremony, The "Golden Hands" of Focus & Relax Therapeutic Massage, a 1 on 1 makeup lesson from Key Oramas, and a mini boudoir photoshoot with Greenville Boudoir.

June 17-19

The International Massage Association aims to develop and promote the various massage techniques practiced by experienced Massage Therapists worldwide.

The World Championship in Massage is primarily a competition but, at the same time, an opportunity for Massage Therapists to find professional inspiration and network.